We have a new name!

As of 3rd February 2021 Gaia BioMaterials UK Ltd is trading as Celnor Eco Packaging Ltd.  

Our new website is undergoing construction.


Do you need a biodegradable solution?


The material of the future

We need to move towards a sustainable future and stop consuming the Earth’s resources.   We can no longer look the other way …

Gaia is able to supply Biodolomer® for the following production processes:


Film blowing

Bottle blowing

Injection moulding



Biodolomer® contains renewables grown in a season and dolomite.

Biodolomer® may be used in existing production machines.

Biodolomer® is biodegradable and compostable.

Biodolomer® can be recycled into energy



Our first UK production runs were carried out during May and June at Glendale Plastics Ltd in Glenrothes, sample trays have been sent out and these have generated a lot of interest and very positive feedback. 


We have carried out a short trial at Silverwoods Waste Management Ltd and our material has degraded very well in their In Vessel Composter facility and they are happy to accept our material.


GAIA has extensive experience in biomaterial product development, let us help you find solutions in harmony with Mother Earth.